Include an Upgraded Workshop in Your Home Plans

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The best part of planning, designing, and building your own home is the ability to include features that are important to you that you simply cannot find in homes that are already constructed. While things such as gourmet kitchens and luxury baths top the list of custom tailored amenities, a new trend is developing to include upgraded workshops and garages in new home construction. The reason it is preferable to include these in new home design is that lowest cost and optimal outcome both better achieved when planned and included in initial construction rather than attempting a retrofit later.

The reason workshops are best included in the initial building plan are similar to the reasons why bathrooms and kitchens require such detailed planning. While the bedroom can be converted to a study with little effort, workshops require additional electrical wiring, plumbing, acoustic and fire safety walls, and enlarged doors. These type of design changes post-construction are cost prohibitive.

Areas of emphasis in planning and enthusiast or semiprofessional workshop include-

  1. Additional electrical wiring – ample electrical outlets preferably spaced along each wall and well above floor level. The inclusion of higher amperage fuses, GFCI outlets, and its own circuit breaker box is a must.
  2. Consideration for plumbing-while not an absolute must, the convenience of the utility sink with hot and cold water cannot be overstated.
  3. Ventilation-the use of power tools torches and cutting equipment as well as painting and staining is best performed with active ventilation systems.
  4. Fire safety-a sprinkler system as well as fire retardant floors walls and ceilings will not only improve safety but reduce insurance costs.
  5. Access-either garage doors or double doors are needed to ensure you can move projects in and out of work area easily.

For the actual construction, well finished slip resistant concrete is the first choice for a floor. It is a very low maintenance, easily cleaned, and safest choice for a floor in a garage or workshop. The addition of a drain in a slightly sloped floor makes for the most efficient cleanup in a garage or workshop.

Any shared walls or ceiling must include full acoustic insulation for the comfort of people inside the home while the workshop is being used. In addition to the noise barrier, a fire barrier is essential for safety. Specialized walling materials will of course be used and consideration for full sheet metal coverage of shared walls should be given. Clarence Jones Machinery or similar companies are able to fabricate sheet metal for this type of purpose.

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