The Bright Side Of Bathroom Lighting

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Whether you are building a new bathroom or redesigning the one that you already have, you should consider your lighting options very carefully. The bathroom is an area that needs special lighting. If you have ever used a bathroom with just standard, overhead bulbs then you know how inadequate such an arrangement is. In fact, you have probably not encountered such a bathroom. Even in an inexpensive hotel or other building, bathroom lighting is usually arranged more carefully than in any other part of the building.

Lighting Considerations

Basic overhead lighting is important but it is not the only kind of lighting that a bathroom needs. This is particularly true if you are designing or redesigning your own bathroom. If you want to make all the time, effort and money that you are putting into the bathroom pay off, then you should make sure that each part of the bathroom receives the appropriate amount and type of lighting.

For example, the mirror over the bathroom sink is a good place to start. Many bathrooms use special lighting right over this fixture. If you look inside dressing rooms for actors and other entertainers, then you may see that the entire mirror is ringed with lights. There is good reason for this. The bathroom is more than a place to take care of showers and bodily functions. It is, primarily for some people, a place to groom their appearance and prepare to present themselves to the world.

Some bathrooms go so far as to station a separate vanity mirror in another part of the same bathroom. When this happens, that mirror will need its own lighting. Otherwise, the effort is wasted.

Many designers use additional lighting for the shower or bathtub area of this room. If you are sincere about the seriousness of your grooming, then you will want to have good lighting while you get clean. This lighting may be specific to the shower or it may just apply to that portion of the bathroom in general.

In addition to lighting, do not forget the possibility of a heat lamp. This is a high-end addition that is really worth it. The ideal place for it is either over the tub itself or just next to it.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

  • Use incandescent or halogen lights around the vanity mirror. These light sources can be controlled with dimmers. This is an appropriate feature for mirrors that are used for personal grooming.
  • Consider a shower trim for the shower or tub. You can create a wonderful effect with a couple recessed down-lights. If you are looking for a more diffused effect from such lights, try putting a domed glass lid on these light sources.
  • An additional concave mirror with its own lighting near the vanity mirror will help magnify things noticed in the main mirror. This is especially attractive for women because it is so useful when applying makeup.
  • Look into neodymium lights for the vanity mirrors. The light that they emit resembles natural sunlight and tells a person more about what he or she will really look like after leaving the bathroom and walking outside.
  • Err on the side of too much lighting rather than too little—that is how dimmers and multiple light switches can be critical to the usefulness of a bathroom. If the lighting is too much, you rectify that by giving the option to reduce the lighting to suit tastes or needs.

The best way to figure out how to plan a bathroom is to spend some time using a few different bathrooms. When a particular bathroom fails to help you do something, consider how its lighting or lack of lighting may be the cause.

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