Wooden Furniture Adds Style to Every Type of Home Office

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The choosing of home office furniture can be a daunting task. The furniture has to evoke style, durability and status, at a price that sticks to an agreed budget. Classically styled wooden furniture will last a long time, but there is a risk that modern designs may feel dated after some years.

Status symbols.

There was a time when the main attraction of any home office furniture was an executive’s chair. The larger that chasm of plush leather that faced any unwary visitor, the more important the executive. Indeed, the reward for promotion was usually a larger chair as well as a salary rise. These chairs would dominate every style of office, from a small sized box in a boring high street block to the most stylish architect’s headquarters housed in orangeries and conservatories overlooking elegant gardens or rolling countryside.

Looking for comfort and quality.

Ergonomic furniture design has changed this obsession. Whether in an office in an ultra modern new city building, or in a new extension or spare bedroom at home, comfort when sitting and working is the most important thing to consider in an office chair. But the choice of office furniture remains an imponderable. You can choose low budget self assembly work stations, but the chipboard and laminate that these pieces are made from are easily damaged.

One of the biggest problems is that joints in drawers fall apart with regular use. Wedges of laminates can dislodge, while chipboard may slowly disintegrate with use. Shiny, tubular, metal framed glass surfaces with a space age look feel marvellous when new. But even the most hardened glass can chip and become dangerous, as well as look ugly. Then there is the warmth of wood. For many people, wooden office furniture remains the best choice.

Conference tables.

Today’s premier furniture attraction in an office is the table, more specifically, the conference table. Orangeries and conservatories built as extensions to period houses can provide sumptuous surroundings for a conference room. A polished light oak conference table with matching chairs can mix the contemporary and airy look to the room, together with a classic workmanship. Woods such as cherry, oak, maple and walnut have the advantage of being hard, durable and strong. These are excellent choices for office furniture that is built to last.


Walnut or cherry wood gives a warmer, luxurious and traditional feel. A silky feel to its finish adds a subtle touch of style. You can add matching custom cabinets, shelves and bookcases. Pine is an extremely versatile wood as well as being a first choice for those on a tight budget. It can be hardened, stained and polished to any colour or texture, from antique rose or honey tones to a light cream with clean lines.


The only downside of wooden office furniture is that if you buy a contemporary design, it may feel dated after a while. The best way around this dilemma is to buy solid wooden pieces. These can be repainted and refurbished some years later to match any choice of new ddcor in the office.

Melanie Hughes is an interior designer specialising in office and furniture design. She has adapted home extensions such as those available from Breckenridge Conservatories, into office spaces.

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