Making the Most of Small Space: Decorating in Tight Quarters

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Decorating an apartment could be difficult due to the lack of space available. In a small space — every item counts. From paint color and curtains to furniture, mirrors and rugs, decorating in tight quarters requires a well-thought out plan. Make the most of your small space by utilizing the tips below.

Functional Furniture

Optimize space using furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Choose a dining set that can double as an office space, coffee table or work bench. Or, to keep the area open between meal times, use a chic folding table. It will create a cozy cafe feeling when in use, but has the flexibility to allow you to close up shop when the space is needed for something else. For extra seating, use ottomans that store items.

Tip: Furniture with raised legs can create a sense of light and space, which will open up a room and help it seem larger.

Visually Manipulate the Space

Light, patterns, layout and color all contribute to how large, or small your room appears. Visually manipulate the space using mirrors. Mount several small, decorative wall mirrors in a cluster over a wide area or opt for a large modern mirror to make a statement. Choose a focal point in your room then angle mirrors toward it. Reflecting both natural and artificial light, the mirrors will give the illusion of depth and help the room appear larger.

Tip: Using soft patterned or plain rugs creates a single, unified effect and can visually expand a room.

Lighten to Brighten

Light will play a large part in determining the perceived size of the room. Dark colors appear heavy and can make a room look small while light, bright colors can neutralize a room and help it appear larger.

Use light and color to your advantage. Several lamps instead of one, high-voltage ceiling light, will illuminate the room without creating harsh shadows in the corners. Grommet curtains can let light in during the day and still provide privacy at night. If decorating with dark wood or deep browns and blacks, use metallics to brighten the area. A rococo-style mirror in gold or silver not only adds complementary color but if angled right can reflect light, which can make the room appear larger.

Tip: If you have large windows, open your shades and let views from the outside world help expand the look of your inside abode.

Built-in Storage

Several large pieces of furniture will make the room look cramped, but without them — where will you keep all of your belongings? suggests using your walls to store more. Built-in wall units keep bulky furniture at bay, and, with the help of baskets and decorative boxes, provide a place to store and display magazines, photo albums, keepsakes and more.

If space allows, create a kitchen nook with built-in benches. You’ll have a place to stretch out on while reading the morning paper and the seat can store place mats, dishes and recipe books.

Tip: With proper storage and organization, rooms will appear less cluttered — therefore, less small.

Make a Statement

Small can be dramatic — create a look that says you chose the small space on purpose. To do this, play with scale. One large statement piece, such as a gawky fireplace, overstuffed couch or high wingback bench, paired with smaller, complementary items can utilize the space in a dynamic way.

Tip: Avoid unnecessary details that will bog down the room and make it appear busy.

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