Top Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Your Living Room a Fresh Start

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Giving your living room a makeover can be a great success if you avoid making some particular mistakes while making the changes. Even the smallest mistakes can take away from the beauty that you are seeking to achieve with your makeover.

Examine Samples and Swatches Closely

When you are considering recovering couches or chairs, make sure that you take a close look at your sample materials and your swatches. Viewing them in person is the best way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and exactly what goes well with the makeover you have in mind. Viewing swatches online can be deceiving; the colors may not be true and the detail of the fabric may also be different. Use this same method when you are shopping for drapes or curtains for the room that you will be making over. Make sure that you can take the samples or swatches home so that you can see exactly how they will look in your living room.

Clear the Clutter

When making over your living room, make sure that you clear the clutter. A room that is cluttered is going to look smaller, congested and messy as opposed to a living room that is spacious and organized. You’ll enjoy the looks of your new living room when you don’t have too much furniture in it or too many knick knack items. For magazines and books, consider decorative wicker baskets that allow you to keep them out of sight, but still keep them handy.

Avoid Mixing and Matching Expensive and Cheap Items

When choosing items for your living room makeover, whether it’s furnishings, wall decor or other accessories such as lamps or window blinds, don’t mix and match cheap items with expensive items. If budget is an issue, try to keep your selections in the middle so that you are able to avoid having cheap items intertwined with expensive items. If you spend thousands of dollars on your furniture, a ten dollar lamp may not be the best choice to go with it.

Make Smart Choices

Think about every decision you make for a couple of days before you follow through with it; this will allow you time to change your mind instead of making a quick decision that you may regret later. If you plan on painting, choose your color carefully. If your living room has dark furniture, choose a light color of paint to apply to your walls so that you can create a brighter room that is more welcoming and comfortable to be in. The same applies if you are changing your flooring; you don’t want to have dark flooring with dark furniture that keeps your living room from being bright, warm and welcoming. Study the colors of your furniture, the color that you would like to choose for paint, the color of your flooring and the other accent pieces that you will have in your living room.

Making a small mistake in your living room makeover can cause you to be unhappy with the outcome. Ensure that you make all the right choices so that your living room makeover is the best that it can be.

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