Transforming Your Backyard Pool into Your Own Personal Oasis

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If your home currently has an above ground or in-ground pool and a backyard that could use a little sprucing up, there are a variety of ways to turn that pool and yard into a wonderful oasis where you can escape the daily stress and simply relax. By taking a few simple DIY steps, you can skip that expensive tropical vacation and spend your summer at home on an affordable yet luxurious stay-cation! Here are a few tips that can turn your hum-drum backyard into a place where friends and neighbors will be lining up to schedule a reservation.

Palm Trees and Exotic Plants

The first step to transforming your backyard pool into a tropical oasis is by bringing in a touch of the tropics. Many gardening stores sell palm trees that can easily be re-planted in your own backyard, and there is also the option of purchasing artificial palms, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular among pool-owners. Both artificial and live palm trees provide adequate shade, and they will make a lovely complement to your backyard area, providing an island like atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

Beach Chairs

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a tropical vacation is relaxing on the beach or in front of the pool in a comfortable and luxurious hotel beach chair. The good news is that you can now purchase these amazing chairs in sets and have them shipped to your home in just a few days. Hotel style beach chairs are of a higher quality than standard folding beach chairs, and you can also cover them with comfortable cushions to create an even more relaxing and luxurious experience.

Floating Chairs

Floating chaise lounge chairs are a luxurious step up from your typical floating air mattress. These chairs are specifically designed with buoyant materials, and they do not need to be air-blown, so you never have to worry about them flipping over mid-float or losing air. With comfortable armrests, ample space, and a stylish design, the floating chaise lounge provides hours of much-needed relaxation.

Set Up an Outdoor Tiki Bar

If you like to entertain friends and family around the pool, setting up an outdoor tiki bar will add the perfect, final touch to your backyard oasis makeover. Complete with stools, grass umbrellas, built in coolers and ample counter space, you can mix up delicious tropical beverages, host tropical theme parties, or simply relax with the family in your very own tiki bar that resembles the exciting beach bars of the Islands. Tiki bars are becoming increasingly popular in backyard style, and their sleek and compact design makes them easy to set up in practically any back yard space.

Get Ready For a Fun and Relaxing Summer

There is nothing more relaxing than warm sun, a cool drink, and a feeling of peace and serenity. By taking a few steps to transform your backyard into a fabulous stay-cation spot, you can look forward to a truly relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Jonathan Bird is a DIY home improvement enthusiast. He loves writing about ways people can better enjoy their lives and homes. Click here to browse Backyard Ocean’s above ground swimming pools.


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