How to Buy Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery

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Metal fabrication machinery allows you to manipulate metal into a different shape; bending, cutting and welding. The key to buying metal fabrication machinery is knowing your specifications and your budget. Once you know what you need doing and how much you can spend, buying the right machine will be easy.

The Machinery

  • Bending- There are machines for bending both sheet metal and pipes. Sheet metal bending is commonly done by a machine called a press brake or angle benders. Press brakes use a preformed die block in a certain shape. The sheet of metal is laid over the top of the die and a metal punch presses the metal into shape. An angle bender uses rollers to bend the metal into an arc as opposed to sharp angles.
  • Bending Pipes- Available in hand operated or electrically powered versions, pipe bending machines allow you to change the shape of your pipes. Electric machines, though more expensive, allow you to change the shape of varying diameter pipes into the angle of your choice without any pipe deformation, whereas a manual machine is cheaper but does not allow you as many options.
  • Curling- Curling machines are used for such projects as wrought iron gates, to achieve an attractive twist or scroll effect. The machine is usually self contained and you can create many different effects with a singular machine.
  • Cutting- Cutting metal can be done in a variety of different ways, from the simple hand tools like shears to guillotines to band saws to laser cutting. Laser cutting is the most expensive but it is the most accurate and intricate as it is computer controlled.
  • Welding- this process melts the two pieces which are to be joined with a filler material that coalesces to become one material. This then cools and becomes one join.

The Budget 

Your budget determines what quality of machine that you can get and how labour intensive it is for you to do the job. For instance, hand operated machinery is much cheaper than electrically powered machines. This is also true for the quality of the job, for example the laser machines are controlled by a computer and are therefore much more precise than a human who might make an error.

However, for those who are willing to forgo the shininess of a new machine, you can buy used machines for a reduced price that may need more maintenance but will work just as well as a newly bought one.

If you do not need the machine for a long period of time or are not in the metal fabrication industry, then you may want to rent your machine instead of purchasing it outright, thus saving yourself some money.


Make sure you are fully familiar with how the machine works before you use it, and if applicable that you are wearing the right safety equipment. Ensure that you know how to turn the machinery off safely, and everyone who uses it is trained properly.

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