Modern Lighting Can Brighten Your Home

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Switching out old light fixtures for modern lighting options can give your older home an updated feel and brighten your living spaces, giving functionality to areas that were previously unusable. Not only do you get these benefits but many modern lighting options will actually save you money and give you more flexibility in design and layout. With modern lighting you are no longer restricted to the rules of traditional lighting.

Lighting Kitchen, Bath and Laundry Rooms

If you are updating your kitchen lighting with a more modern look, consider how your current lighting works within the room. Determine what areas you would like to brighten up, adding light as well as style. A good rule of thumb is to go with a central light, then add recessed lighting above counters, sink, stove and other work areas within the kitchen. It is a good idea to add a track lighting fixture above breakfast bars and islands within the kitchen. This gives you the ability to space and angle the lights as desired.


New lighting can add new style and value to your home.



When it comes to your bathroom, depending on its size and shape, you may be able to get away with one main light source. However, if you have an awkwardly shaped bathroom it may be best to go with multiple lighting options. A light above or beside mirrors is nice for applying makeup or shaving. Another good option is having recessed or track lights, giving you the ability to vary the amount of light throughout the room. Recessed and track lighting are also great options for the laundry room. Placing them correctly gives you light in all the right places, without being obtrusive.

Lighting Living, Bed and Dinning Rooms

Using a central lighting fixture with a dimmer option in the living room and bedrooms allows you to have more subtle, intimate light, or a brighter light when entertaining, working on a project or getting dressed. Ceiling fan lights are also great for these rooms, helping not only to light the room but also circulate the air. With the addition of a few modern table or bedside lamps, you can produce extra light in desired areas for reading or working on your favorite hobby. Dining rooms with a modern hanging ceiling light add a touch of class with their combination of clean lines and a variety of modern materials. Add an extra special touch with wall lighting, which highlights the desired focal points.

Lighting plays a bigger role in the overall feel and atmosphere of a room than you may realize. Consider the difference it makes walking into a room with a dull, yellowed light versus walking into a room with crisp, clean lighting. Is it any wonder that the brightness, color and density of light can make a huge difference in the way you feel, both emotionally and physically? Now that you’ve read this, you will surely want to update your old, outdated lighting fixtures with modern ones that offer you and array of options with clean, sleek lines, modern materials, energy efficiency and creativity for your design and layout.

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