Top Tips For Saving Energy In Your Home

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Energy saving is not only great for the pocket but for the environment too. There are changes we can make to use less energy and in return save money and stop wasting resources. It is also much more achievable as there are great energy saving devices on the market. In this article we will be giving you tips on how to save energy at home.

Light bulbs

We doubt there is anyone out there that hasn’t changed their light bulbs to energy efficient ones as at some point companies were sending them out for free to help the customer make a change. Energy efficient light bulbs, as the name suggests, use less energy and are much more long lasting than standard bulbs. It may seem like a small factor, however, lighting accounts for approximately 25% of national power generation so just by making this small change, you will be doing your bit for the planet.

Water Saving

Changing your shower head to an energy efficient one will on average use 40-60% less water. PulseEco offers a great range of showerheads that are also lime scale free and use 40-60% less water.
An energy saving device you can add in your shower to save money and save water is an ‘LED shower timer’. If fits directly onto the faucet of your shower and politely reminds you by glowing a light that goes from green to blue to red and to flashing red to remind how long you have been in the shower and encourage you to not spend unnecessary time in there.

Magnetic Secondary Glazing

Majority of the heat escapes from tiny gaps around the windows and the doors; this magnetic glazing fits neatly onto the inside of your existing window frame and stops the heat from escaping. It is a low cost alternative to double glazing. It is also ideal for listed buildings.

Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances

Replacing your appliances with energy efficient ones will save you money and save energy. There is a large selection available on the market from kettles to irons and even breadmakers!

Stand by Savers

In the UK around 15million TVs are left on standby for hours per day, if they were all switched off, enough energy would be saved to decommission an entire power station. There are a number of energy saving devices available that make it a lot easier to switch off unused devices.
Multi socket standby savers are an amazing energy saving device as you simply plus all your appliances into it and not only do they use less energy they turn off things that are on standby such as TVs etc. There are ones which combine normal sockets with energy saving ones, if you any device needs to be on standby all the time you can use the normal sockets to ensure they do not get turned off. As these devices do it all automatically there is nothing you need to do. On average these sockets save £85 per year.

Energy Saving for iPhone and iPad Owners

If you have an iPhone or an Ipad you can buy an accessory which Belkin has invented called ‘Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion’ and uses your Wi-Fi network to allow you to turn your electronics on or off from anywhere. You have total control over any device at home and you can switch on or off by using your phone or tablet. You control as many devices as you like by adding multiple switches.

This article was written by Ben Frisby on behalf of Juice Electrical, experts in and retailers of energy saving devices. Take a look at their site and find out more about energy saving devices.

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