Preparedness 101: Blockbuster Blizzards

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Natural disasters can play havoc on your family, property and lifestyle. Understanding the different types of winter weather conditions can give you and your family the needed protection to keep as safe as possible.

What is the Difference Between Winter Storms and Conditions?

Think of winter and snow comes to mind. Weather reports include winter watches, winter storm warnings and winter blizzards. To protect yourself properly, you must understand the differences.

  • Winter storm watches are simply weather forecasts that let others know that conditions are conducive for winter storms in the applicable area.
  • Winter storm warnings signify a winter storm is coming your way.
  • Winter blizzard warnings signify the most severe storm of all. These warnings tell you that you need to seek shelter immediately. Weather conditions are conducive for blinding wind-driven snow, a dangerous chill factor and strong winds in your area.

Prepare Your Home and Property

Protect you and your family by getting your property prepared for winter storms. Do this done by buying affordable storm windows and doors. You can install them or hire the services of a professional contractor. If you cannot afford these items, buying some heavy duty plastic covering will suffice. Placing plastic over your windows reduces cold air inflows and drafts. Placing some heavy foam outlet coverings over your electrical outlets is also recommended. Keeping as much warm air in as possible will come in handy when the electricity goes out.

Stock Up on Nonperishable Items

Power outages are common during winter storms. Have an ample supply of canned goods available, along with a manual can opener, to tide you and your family over. Other nonperishable items include foods you do not have to heat such as crackers, boxed cereals, breads, fresh fruits, chips, vegetables and nuts.

Fill Up on Water

Prepare for a winter storm by filling up water jugs. Having water on hand comes in handy for brushing teeth, drinking, cleaning dishes or any other use you can think of.

Keep Energy and Lighting Sources Ready

Stocking up on non-electrical heat sources will help during power outages. Buy batteries, flashlights, matches, candles and lighters. Put gas in your generator and snow blower. Reduce the chances of your car’s gas line from freezing by filling up your tank at least to the half-full level.

Have Warm Coverings Available

Warm coverings are essential during winter months, particularly during winter storms. Have an ample supply of blankets, hats, gloves, and other clothing available. Keep them in a large bag that is easy to find during night time.

Get a Professional Insurance Agency

Having an independent home insurance agency in your corner provides many benefits. Insurance agencies understand how to properly protect you and your property during all types of weather conditions. They can supply you with literature describing steps to take to properly protect you, your family and your property.

Professionals can also provide you with links to informative sites that can increase your awareness about a number of areas. Insurance professionals also possess the expertise needed to determine which insurance levels best suit your finances and lifestyle. Scheduling an appointment with a qualified and licensed insurance professional, like those found at, can only benefit you.

Preparing for blockbuster winter storms, including blizzards, takes time and energy. Doing it properly can save your health, finances and well-being.

Adam Vaught writes for a number of home-owner blogs about safety, security and being prepared for emergencies that could happen in the home.

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