5 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

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Many people now choose to adapt their furnishings to suit current trends, rather than choosing a style that they will keep for life. Subsequently, the design industry has adapted to the consumer who can afford to change their homes according to trends. There are infinite trends you can adopt depending on your budget, the size of your room and the rest of the furniture in your house. However, one trend that remains popular with decorators and home-owners alike is the “modern” bedroom.

Since we live in the era of speed and technological innovation, there are numerous modern ideas for home redecorations. Why not enjoy the dozens of novelties in the field, the hundreds of gadgets and materials rediscovered and reinvented? Or create hybrids of shapes, colors and materials to create an element of individuality?

For those of you who would like to redecorate your bedrooms in a modern style, here are the 5 most influential elements and ideas you need to take into consideration:

1. Combine functionality with style

Modern bedroom structures are characterized by simplicity and functionality. The modern style is “returning to the innocence” of architectural lines, fine shapes, and clear cuts. Above all else, your new bedroom should be functional. Do not overcrowd your room with useless furniture or accessories, but try to shape it as much as possible according to your personal needs and lifestyle. Use versatile pieces of furniture which are easy to change, replace or move around the room. A standard table can be easily redesigned to store all your makeup essentials and become your personal studio by simply adding a mirror with spots. Use wall-incorporated closets for obtaining more space and, instead of regular doors, use mirrors.

2. Minimalism

Modern is minimalism. In order to achieve that modern look you always wanted, you should get rid of massive furniture pieces. Replace your regular library with bookshelves fixed directly onto the walls and keep the rest of your furniture pieces low, including the desk. Make use of every corner you have in the house.

3. Natural Features

People often have the misconception that adopting a modern bedroom style will automatically eliminate all natural materials such as wood, stone or bricks. On the contrary, a smart modern perspective combines all these elements with “newer” ones such as PVC, concrete and stainless steel to create a unique style. You can easily combine architectural elements like a bare concrete wall (without painting it or covering it) with bookshelves, a king-size bed, wooden floors and a soft rug. You can also try an interesting combination of materials, such as velvet or leather for sofas, a stainless steel structured bed and wooden floors.

4. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Another great, modern feature in your bedroom is the mirror. In fact, the more mirrors you have, the better. Modern style loves the combination between leather sofas, soft Persian carpets and multiple mirrors. Mirrors create a space effect, making your bedroom seem bigger and brighter. Moreover, your wall colors will reflect beautifully with the help of closet doors incorporating mirrored panels.

5. Introduce Natural Lighting

Probably one of the easiest tips to achieve a more modern perspective in your bedroom is to simply add more natural light. Eliminate window curtains, use incorporated spotlights and mirrors to reflect natural light as much as possible. Paint the ceiling and at least two other walls in white shades.

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