Ideas for Decorating Your Child’s Room

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Deciding how to construct and decorate your child’s room may never be an easy task. After all, you do it with the sole purpose of pleasing your child. Yes, it is as simple as that. It’s important that the room appeals rather to your child than to you, so bear this in mind. The right time to start constructing and decorating the room is when the little one still sleeps in a baby crib in your bedroom. This way you will be able to (without being in a rush) finish the room by the time your boy/girl has to ‘move in’.

First of all, before doing anything, talk to your child. Ask him/her what he/she would like. If the kid is old enough to live in a room on his/her, that would mean that he/she will be able to make at least some minor decisions concerning the room’s design and furniture arrangement. It is good for the kids to be involved in the process; this will make them more responsible.

Consider a theme for the room – a castle, race track, amusement park, etc. This will give the room a certain look. Use decorations which feature cartoon or storybook characters. However, don’t invest too much in this, as children’s tastes are subject to constant changes. You can also match the bed with the overall theme of the room. There are various options – beds in the form of a sports car, a rocket ship, etc. However, their quality is questionable, as constructing companies tend to stake rather on look than on quality. That is why you can have it custom made by a reliable carpenter. If you are thinking about a bunk bed, make sure it has safety rails.

What seems to be most important at this (st)age is toy storage. Children accumulate tons of toys but are quite reluctant to putting them in order. Make it easy on them and also bring more style into the room by putting some storage bins that are both open and low. Low – so that kids could reach them, and open – so that they don’t have to deal with tops on hinges on which they can get their fingers stuck.

It is a well-known fact that kids love playing on the floor. That is why you should provide a proper playground. Wall to wall carpets are a good option, but they are really difficult to clean. Especially if something is spilled on them. Consider putting one or two smaller, soft washable rugs for your kids to play on.

To help with clothes organization, install hooks on the walls, here and there. Plastic hooks are better than metal ones because the latter could be sharp and cause serious cuts. Also, install a lower hanging rail so that it could be easily reached by the child.

Why not complete the interior with a set of child-sized chairs and a table? They are ideal for setting ‘tea parties’, drawing and writing surface, etc. Even when children grow older, these minute pieces of furniture can still be used – the table becomes a bedside table, while the tiny chairs are turned into holders for potted plants.

You can do a thing or two in order to safe-proof your child’s room. Avoid putting furniture and interior pieces with sharp edges. Also, secure the power outlets and do not install high shelves with plenty of stuff on them which could fall over the little one. Your kid is to be alone in the room, so, as a parent, it is your duty to provide a safe environment.

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Therefore her present article is focused on how to design the child’s room after your moving into a new home.

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    Superb Idea. I never stick by the rule if its a girl then picking up pink and if a boy then blue. I do like to mismatch in colors and add more colors to make it little playful. I am extremely greatful to you for this post, with such good ideas, my kids will love this.

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