Smart Dining Room Makeover Ideas

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Pity the poor dining room. Once the center of the family gathering, this room has been relegated to office or even storage status, with kitchens now the focal point in many homes. If you would like to reclaim your dining room to serve as a gathering place, especially for holiday meals, a room makeover could be in the offing. We’ll examine some smart makeover ideas that will have your family and guests wanting to dine in the most elegant room in your house.

1. Let There be Light.
One problem with dining rooms is that these rooms can come across as drab and gray. The big issue here may be both natural and artificial lighting as heavy drapes and insufficient ceiling fixtures create a somber atmosphere. Two quick cures here include replacing the drab drapes with elegant, sheer curtains and updating your lighting fixture with a glass chandelier or opting for something different from Argos, a retailer with a large range of ceiling lights. A glass or crystal chandelier can make your room sparkle, so install an adjustable light switch to control the amount of light to suit the occasion.

2. Accent it with Trim.
Your dining room may be fine all around and include the furnishings to entertain. What it may lack is character or at least a nice touch that has little to do with color, but a lot to do with character, namely elegance. Large dining areas can benefit from ornate and carved wood paneling, such as wainscoting if your home features 19th century or earlier styling. For a simpler look, choose instead a dado rail or what is sometimes known as chair rail trim, especially if your home is modern. You can paint the chair rail to add some pop to the room or, perhaps, feature a deep royal blue below the rail and an elegant, Victorian white above the rail.

3. Make it Fun.
Just because you dine in the dining room does not mean that you must be bored while everyone sits there. One of the easiest makeovers is paint and you can add a splash of red to one wall to help make the room pop. You can also recover your dining room chairs in red or you can pull red through your drapes. Consider placing an area rug underneath the dining room table if you have wood floors — your guests will soon take off their shoes and allow their feet to be tickled by the fiber.  You can visit Argos for large rugs that fit perfectly for dining areas and under dining tables.

4. When Space is Limited.
Granted, not all homes offer formal dining rooms. Many are designed with combined dining and living rooms, and that means you will be using the area for multiple purposes. Again, paint can come to the rescue here if you choose the colors you want. If you are looking to convey energy, choose green. For a calming effect, you can go with blue. White may be too crisp for the entire room, so consider gold or yellow to add in warmth. Match your fabrics with your room colors and use the same window treatments in both areas of the room. In the living room area, arrange your furniture around a coffee table to pull that section together, much as your dining area’s focal point is the table. If the room is especially large add some greenery as in live plants. Plants can convey serenity and make your guests feel right at home.

Dazzling Dining

You can certainly take your dining room to another level by throwing out the hutch, the china cabinet and the server, while keeping the table and redoing your chairs. Use your imagination if a formal look does not work for you, replacing that over-the-top chandelier or musty Persian rug with new furnishings that you will love. Today’s dining rooms can be reclaimed for nightly meals or holiday get togethers, taking back what has been lost and reinvigorating your home.

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