Time to Move In!

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Planning to move to a new place and build a new home? This would really be exciting for the family! You can always hire a contractor and leave it all up to them but participating in the planning and designing process would be more fulfilling. If I were you, I would really make sure every detail in building my new home will not be overlooked. It is a rare chance not everyone can enjoy.

Here’s a little checklist for you:

1: Where’s the location?

This is the most essential part in planning for a new home. This is where you should base all the planning process. Everything can be done and undone except for the location so you better see to it that you are familiar about the place, the climate, the soil and everything about it.

Don’t start planning unless you have studied and researched where you should build your new home. You can even ask the neighbors for tips and usual conditions that are present in the area

2: When do you plan to start the house construction?

Make sure that you plan when to start the house construction so that the family and the contractor will have time to finalize everything. A timetable will be most helpful on this.

3: How much is your budget?

Are you planning to loan it? Do seek advice from a loan officer or any expert that you know. If you have savings, get idea on how much the construction materials would cost and always remember that your initial budget will not always be the actual expense. Therefore, try to be conservative in budgeting and expect higher actual expense.

In budgeting, you should also consider how big your family is and what are the extra rooms that you want to have aside from the basic ones.

4: Brainstorming for your dream house design

Here’s the most exciting part: Planning your dream house design!

  • How many rooms do you want to have?
  • What colors do you want to paint in every room and area of the house? Try to choose cooler and relaxing colors so you will have a good rest right after work.
  • Ask yourself: Will this floor plan last for the rest of my life?
  • Choose the best and safest roofing material there is.  If I were you, I would consider cool, light colored roofs or green roofs.
  • What are your favorite window designs? Make sure it fits the weather all year round.
  • Try to find more cheap but elegant home designs online. This will also be a great bonding activity for the whole family!
  • Have your own checklist so that you won’t miss any important details. You can also scribble and add more tips and reminders as you go along.
  • Getting all the papers done
  • Find out the necessary permits. Check on the local government offices to know more about it.
  • Locating the best contractor in town
  • Still looking for the best contractor in town? Here are a few tips:
    • Ask from Friends and Family. Don’t rely on Yellow Pages alone
    • Meet those referred contractors and see you can create a good relationship with them since you will be closely interacting with them most of the time.
    • Rate them from poorest to the best.
    • Check their previous works and find out if their past clients are happy.
    • Ask for their rate since you would not want to go beyond budget.
  • Protecting your property
  • Protect your property before it’s too late. Look for a financial advisor that will help you with this.

Now, everything is ready and you are now only a few steps away to your dream home!

Stacy Eghart is a writer for a Phoenix, AZ Roofing Company. She’s interested in all things home improvement and spends particular time thinking about the roofing process.

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