How to Choose a Home

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It can be difficult to know where to start once you have made the decision to search for a new place to live, buy a house, or an investment property. Here are some tips and other questions you should consider that will help you make a choice that is right for you. 

1: Where do you want to live?
If you are buying a new house, or if you are purchasing it for the sole purpose of it being a property investment – choosing the location should be your absolute first priority.

It is common to ask yourself, which locations are popular right now? Which suburbs are going to be in demand come 10 year’s time? The fact is, however, you should choose somewhere you want to live, and worry about the financial potential second.

If you are planning to settle for a long period of time, you will be much happier if you have chosen a suburb close to other friends or family – if you have based it on personal reasons rather than monetary. The same can also apply if it is an investment property – you will find it much easier to sell it to someone who thinks the same way you do.

2: What kind of home do you want?
Do you want a villa, a townhouse, an apartment or just a house pure and simple? Your choice of preferred location could narrow your options somewhat.

An apartment in the city can be fantastic in terms of proximity to everything you might need, but usually it will mean compromising when it comes to privacy, size and garden. It typically is a less “family friendly” option and if you have a pet you need to consider whether this is truly appropriate.

Villas, town houses or houses all have their share of pros and cons – townhouses are typically smaller, villas larger but need more maintenance, and houses usually have more bathrooms and bedrooms so can be a little more expensive.

3: How long do you intend to stay there?
If you are hoping to move again in 5 years, you need to think about whether you will be selling the house or if you will want to keep it as a rental property.

If this is a long-term commitment for you and you hope to raise a family there, then questions to ask would include: What schools are in the area? Can you get work close by? What facilities are available in terms of public transport, hospital, local community projects, etc?

4: Amenities.
Does your home need to have a spa or a swimming pool? Does it need two bathrooms? A large kitchen?

Consider your current habits at home – do you cook a lot, do you only live there to sleep, do you always kick the flatmate out of the bathroom in the morning because you need to shower?

Think about what you dislike or love about your current living situation. Make a list from this, and then compare all potential places against this list when searching.

5: Visual.
At the end of the day, if this is to be your new home, once you have sorted the right type of house, the location, the amenities…you need to make sure it is appealing to you.

You need to be able to picture yourself living there.
Even if you decide you are going to completely redecorate it yourself, that’s great – but have some plans in place before you make the final decision.

You don’t want to discover you can’t make it look the way you hoped, or that expanding, or whatever it is you had planned to do, is too expensive. Include decorating and renovating into your home-buying budget to avoid any post-purchase blues.

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