How to Build Your Perfect Home

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Building the perfect home is a challenge that most people will be facing for the first and only time, and it requires a lot of planning. Before even considering starting to build a house there are several elements that need to be planned, reconsidered and finalised to avoid making costly mistakes or ending up with a house that doesn’t live up to the expected standard. This brief guide will give you some pointers on the more major issues to consider when planning to build the perfect home.


Whilst you do not want to start any building work before you have finalised your plans, it is important to start looking for builders in Sydney or wherever you are based in order to assist from the planning stages. They will help you to plan what is feasible and then help you to achieve it. The building team is more complex than laying the brickwork. Be sure that you hire a good construction team to build your house because the quality will make all the difference.


When you find your dream plot of land it is very easy to jump in and make an offer. Before doing so make sure that you have the land surveyed to see if you can build the house of your dreams there. Land is potentially unsafe to build on and there could be planning permission restrictions which will not enable you to build your dream home. Make sure your dreams are possible before wasting cash on land you cannot build on.


The budget is of vital importance just as it is when buying a house. But when building, budgeting is more complex. There are more elements to consider when building a house and if you run out of cash then you could be left with an unfinished house that cannot be lived in or sold for anywhere near its real value. Be sure that you have planned for all of your costs and have some money saved just in case unexpected expenses pop up. You also need to be sure that the value of the house is not less than any mortgage in order to avoid negative equity once you move into your dream home.


Finding the right architect is key to any new building. Make sure you look at work they have done for past clients and be sure that they have the ability to create what you want from your house. Building your own home gives you the opportunity to mould it into whatever you wish it to be and the architect is a tool to help you on the path to happiness.


Before building a house it is important to have a plan for the decoration. Unlike when you are buying a house, you will have a choice of every element of decoration from the plaster out. It is essential that you consider this from the start so that your plans can evolve to fit the rooms that you are creating. Consider everything from the paint on the walls, to the carpet on the floor and the lighting for each room, so that you can really imagine the house as you want it to be. That way you will know what to expect and will be prepared to make the building into your home.


Furniture should be planned from the very start too. There is nothing worse than building a dream home just as you imagined it and then having to change your ideal layout because you didn’t realise how deep a wardrobe is or how long a sofa may be. Choose the furniture that you want during the planning stage and measure it to make sure it will fit in your newly created home.

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